Recipe: Southern Ribs

This week, I didn’t do a post on Game of Thrones.  Sorry.  I’ve been laying in my bed, depressed.  It was a tough episode. More intense than most episodes.

Don’t believe me? People have been freaking out over this episode, because the final scene was incredibly gory and heart–wrenching.  I’m not going to ruin it for you, but if you want to see a YouTube compilation of people also freaking out to the episode, you can here.

My expression for the past few days has been similar
My expression for the past few days has been similar to theirs

I’m planning on roasting some lamb for the season finale though, so life is good.

I’m posting an awesome rub recipe a friend passed along to me. Just a warning, they need to planned out and made the night before, but it’s worth it.  I have had his ribs, and they are wonderful.

So meaty
So meaty


rack of ribs [$10 or so per rack]

Brown sugar [$2]

Cajun powder, mustard powder, garlic powder, onion powder [about $4 each, although most people have all or a combination of these powders already chilling in their pantries]

Apple cider vinegar [$2]


So start with the rub: Mix a Halfish cup brown sugar, 1/8ish cup salt, tablespoonish each Cajun, mustard, garlic, onion powders in a bowl and knead into the meat.

The happy gang

Then brush the vinegar into the meat and let rest in the fridge for a few hours.  Then repeat the process.  The meat should look wet and thick with flavor.


Let the meat marinate overnight. The next morning, smoke the ribs on a grill for about five hours or until super tender.


Perfect for summertime grilling season.


Photo of Rob Stark and wife (cc): USA Today

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