Recipe: Beet Slaw


IMG_2449It’s winter time, which means lots of root veggies, and root veggies mean beets. I love beets, guys.  Love them. They’re also good for you, which is awesome.  If you like beets, this recipe is for you.  This slaw was inspired a little by Food Network, a little by my job, which I have written about their beet salad before (even attempted at making my own), and a little just by my love of beets and goat cheese.  This is a perfect side dish for any main dish (I had it with fried chicken), or an addition to a sandwich, or just a light snack when you’re trying to be a little more healthy (but let’s not sacrifice taste or anything guys).


3-4 beets [$3]

arugula [$3]

shredded cabbage [$2]

Goat cheese crumbles, I had these on hand but a box normally runs about [$5]

Balsamic vinegar (I also had this, it’s a pantry staple and a good purchase) [$3]

Olive oil



In a small bowl, whisk balsamic vinegar (1/2 cup) , honey (1/4 cup) and olive oil (1/2 cup) with some salt and pepper.  Set aside.

Peel and shred the beets in a food processor or box grater and add to about a cup of the shredded cabbage.  Add about a cup of arugula and goat cheese crumbles and add dressing.  Toss to combine. Season to taste and serve.

Super delicious, fast and healthy.  Enjoy!



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